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Reasons To Purchase Income Protection Insurance

In Australia, insurance companies offer various types of insurance plans and each of these plans is beneficial in its own way. If you have heard about income protection insurance for the first time then chances are that you want to know, what are the reasons to purchase income protection insurance? Listed below are some reasons people should purchase a good income protection plan.

•    Income protection policies not only ensure that people don’t have to worry about financial problems when they are struck with tragedies but these policies also provide emotional support. These policies offer financial support when people cannot work due to either illness or injury and some specialized plans also offer financial support if the policy holder is temporarily unemployed or retrenched.

•    People who are financially responsible for their families often worry about how they are going to pay the bills when they cannot work due to health issues. Income protection covers help people breathe easy and live without worrying about the future since these plans allow Australian residents to insure up to 75% of their income. In some cases, people are allowed to insure another 8% of their income. Buyers are also offered many additional benefits if they opt for one of the better plans.

•    If you have to pay bills, loans and mortgages every month then you will benefit from income insurance since after filing a claim you will receive a monthly payment from the insurance company. These payments can be used to pay bills, clear loans or mortgages and take care of dependants such as parents and children. This type of insurance ensures that you and your family do not have suffer if you cannot work temporarily due to one of the reasons mentioned above.

•    The main reason to purchase income protection insurance is to protect your family during the hard times. Since these plans are not expensive and only cost a few dollars every week, you can pick up a plan that is ideal for you. If you decide to pick up one of the better plans then you can also enjoy additional benefits such as a day one claim benefit and a death benefit. Other benefits that may be offered to you include surgery benefits for one or more types of surgeries. Good plans also offer the choice between stepped and levelled premiums or monthly and yearly premiums. Good plans usually have a shorter waiting period and this allows buyers to enjoy the given perks as soon as possible.

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