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Income Protection for Dentists

Maximum Protection for Buyers who opt for Income Protection for Dentists

Majority of the insurers in Australia offer income protection plans that are specially tailored to meet the needs of medical professionals such as dentists. These plans offer up to 75% compensation of the buyer’s pre-tax income and additional benefits may also be offered. While many of the insurers in Australia offer comprehensive plans that include the benefits mentioned below, a few insurers require dentists to opt for these benefits while purchasing a policy.


2 Essential Covers

Medical professionals such as dentists are at a risk of getting blood borne diseases while treating patients. Insurers offer compensation to dentists when they contract HIV, Hepatitis and other blood borne diseases as a result of working with patients. In addition, insurers offer additional compensation if the medical professional has contracted a serious blood borne disease as a result of a needle prick while working with a patient. Depending on the selected insurer, the policy holder may be offered a compensation payment up to $1,000,000 for the problems mentioned above. It is important to note that compensation payments are provided for blood borne diseases because after contracting these illnesses, medical professionals are forced to stop practicing medicine.


Additional Covers

Researches indicate that medical professionals that develop mental illnesses such as Down’s syndrome, depression or anxiety are more likely to have problems at work as a result of the mental illness. These days, insurers offer compensation payments to dentists and other medical professionals who cannot work due to certain mental conditions. Before opting for income protection for dentists, the buyer should ensure that the policy covers maximum conditions and offers maximum benefits.


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