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Income Protection for Barristers

What Benefits Do I get By Opting for Income Protection For Barristers?

Barristers are offered various benefits such as a guaranteed benefit of $75,000 annually. Some insurance plans also offer other benefits such as a 24 hour worldwide cover along with full indexation of all benefits. Professionals who have commenced legal practice within the last 24 months and barristers who have been working in the legal field in official positions like solicitors or military legal corps are eligible to receive the benefits mentioned above.

Other eligibility criteria may include that the buyer should be employed in an unrelated occupation through which he has earned $100,000 or more annually. Some additional perks that may be offered to eligible candidates include trauma insurance and critical illness insurance.

What Other Benefits Do Income Protection Plans Offer?

Income protection plans can ensure that you get up to 75% compensation if you are unable to go to work for a limited period of time due to certain reasons. Some of the benefits include up to an additional 8% towards superannuation benefits and compensation for your spouse if he or she has to apply for leave in order to care for you if you are on bed rest. Policy holders who opt for good plans may also get online benefits through which they can manage certain aspects of their policy online.

Members may also be offered an opportunity to file claims online by following a few easy steps. Buyers who opt for income protection for barristers are most likely to get policies without completing a series of tedious medical tests and without filling in too many application forms.

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