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Income Protection for Anaesthetists

Medical professionals such as anaesthetists are eligible to get various compensation benefits when they opt for specialized plans that offer income protection for anaesthetists. To get one or more of the benefits mentioned below, the medical professional has to declare his profession and he also may have to opt for these benefits.

Basic Compensation Benefit

Doctors, anaesthetists and certain other medical professionals are eligible to get monthly compensation payments that can equal to 75% of the buyer’s total pre tax annual income. It is important to note that 75% is the outer amount set by insurance companies.

Additional Compensation Benefits
1. If a medical professional contracts a blood borne disease while working with a patient then he is eligible to receive compensation payments mainly because he will not be allowed to continue working in that filed after contracting an illness such as HIV.

2.  Anaesthetists, who have to use needles to help patients, will be given additional compensation if they have contracted a blood borne disease from their patients while at work. Some of the blood borne diseases that are covered by Australian insurers include Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.

3.  Medical professionals can get compensation payments up to 1,000,000 for the conditions mentioned above however, the terms of the policy and the insurer will determine the final compensation amount.

4.  Income protection for anaesthetists protects policy holders when they have been affected with a metal disorder. These plans ensure that policy holders who cannot function at work due to mental conditions do not have to worry about financial problems. Most insurers have a list of medical conditions that are covered by various income insurance plans and buyers should check this list before buying a policy.

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