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Australian Income
Protection Insurance
can cover up to 75%
of your gross income

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Most people in Australia who have heard about life insurance quotes or income protection insurance for the first time often say i don't need it. What is income protection? Like the name suggests, it provides financially protection to people who cannot work temporarily due to health reasons. Income Protection plans ensure that the claimant gets monthly payments for a set number of months or years after he files a claim. For debt solution visit Consolidation Deal, Australian debt help, Best Melbourne flower delivery service from Flowers Today Melbourne

It is a specialized type of insurance plan offered to people who want to live without constantly worrying about money. People who are interested in ensuring that their families do not suffer financially at any time, can insure themselves for up to 75% of their gross yearly income. Buyers who are eligible may be offered an additional 8% protection by insurance companies. Buyers are always encouraged to declare all components of their salary package when they apply for a policy since these policies are tax deductible...read more >>

Major Benefits

  • financial help every month;
  • ‘waiting period’ between fourteen days and two years;
  • 'benefit period’ of two or five years, or up to age 65;
  • covers up to 75% of your gross income;
  • and more

Different Types

  • Long term and short term plans
  • Indemnity and agreed value contracts
  • Basic plans and good plans
  • Stepped premiums and levelled premiums

Reason To Buy Income Protection

The main reason to purchase income protection insurance is to protect yourself & your family during the hard times.

Case Study

Story: 45 year-old couple with nice two teenage kids and a $490,000 mortgage with the father earning $75,000 a year and the mother earning $22,000 for part time work. The father has an extended illness and is forced to take nine months off work.

Income Protection Insurance pays him $4,687.50 per month until he returns to work, allowing the family to meet their living expenses and continue paying the mortgage.

Income Protection Insurance For Professionals

Monthly Benefits

Gross Income per annum Monthly Benefit
$25,000.00 $1,562.50
$30,000.00 $1,875.00
$35,000.00 $2,187.50
$40,000.00 $2500.00
$45,000.00 $2,812.50
$50,000.00 $3,125.00
$55,000.00 $3,437.50
$60,000.00 $3,750.00
* calculated at 75% of gross income per annum

Income Protection Insurance

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